Single release: october 16th, 2015

Album Release: January 8th 2016

Love-Strong is a "feel good" record, and traverses through various moods and colors of Strong's life experiences. The mellow sounds are sure to capture the ear of unassuming listeners who may not usually listen to jazz music. The listener who is well adept to improvisation and the blues will certainly be in for a treat as well, as they will find quite a few moments when the musicians on this album tell stories of struggle, triumph, mystery, and LOVE. 

The goal for creating an album such as Love-Strong is to positively contribute to the body of work created by so many other well-versed and well-traveled artists, such as Louis Armstrong, John Coltrane, and Donny Hathaway, that paved the way for him and many others, believing in their musical connection with the creator and mankind.  

Love-Strong will be made available nationwide January 2016, and select North Carolina venues will have the opportunity to preview the album in late 2015.


Blue Monk Single Credits:

Composer: Thelonious Monk

Arranged by: Al Strong

Pre-Production: Ivan Hampden, Jr.

Editing/Mixing/Production: Jeremy “Bean” Clemons

Mastering: David Levy (Fiverr)



Trumpet- Al Strong

Alto Saxophone- James “Saxmo” Gates, Jr.

Tenor Saxophone- Brian Miller

Baritone Saxophone- Shaena Ryan-Martin

Drums- Iajhi Hampden

Percussion- Brevan Hampden

Bass- Lance Scott

Piano– Ryan Hanseler

Organ- Joel Holloway

Clavinet- Jeremy “Bean” Clemons

Guitar- JC Martin

Party Boys- Jordan Baker, Chuckey Robinson, Bluford Thompson, Jr., Jeremy “Bean” Clemons

Recorded at Playground Studios in Durham, NC on February 6th and 7th 2014. Engineer: Chaka Harley