Al Strong Music

Al Strong Music

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Al Strong Quartet @ Beyu Caffe, July 21, 2011

Al Strong and Friends (July 21, 2011) from Big Tru on Vimeo.

“THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS ON LIVE MUSIC NIGHTS AT BEYU CAFFE! Awesome Performance by the Al Strong Quartet ft.trumpeter, Albert Strong and Brevan Hampden on congos. Many area favorites made guest appearances such as Brian Miller and Marcus Anderson. Talk about an ALL-STAR performance!”

“I truly enjoyed it!!!”

“It was a great show”

“A strong powerful team that can play their azzes off.”

Video of Music Recorded with Various Artists

Phonte Coleman – “To Be Yours” from Charity Starts at Home (2011)

Yahzarah – “Love Come Save the Day” from The Ballad of Purple St. James (2010) Starting at 2:25 of the video

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Very nice Al. The Fam is representing boyeeee!

ivan hampden Jr

July 27, 2011

Al my brother, continue to Keep Jazz Alive on the highest level possible in the Triangle area! You sound great dude! Love you much! Peace!


James "Saxsmo" Gates

August 12, 2011

Al Love the sound


December 25, 2011

Al Strong and his band have a natural talents and are true musicians.. They really made our night


June 26, 2012


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